Bristol Bay Experience Kit
Bristol Bay Experience Kit
Bristol Bay Experience Kit
Bristol Bay Experience Kit
Bristol Bay Experience Kit
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Bristol Bay Experience Kit

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So much more than dinner & a movie, this is a gift that answers the question: “How do we save what we love?” In this case, by experiencing it.

Your friend, colleague or loved one will receive 3lbs of delicious, sustainably harvested wild Sockeye Salmon. To create an indelible experience, they will also receive a downloadable copy of the award-winning documentary The Wild, in which filmmaker Mark Titus examines the fate of the world's last fully-intact wild salmon system in Bristol Bay Alaska through his own deeply personal lens. Once downloaded, your recipient will own the film forever.

Eva’s Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is orca-safe and comes from the most sustainable fishery on earth. Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery is steadfastly managed by the state of Alaska to ensure that millions of salmon make it home to their rivers to spawn before the 1st fish is caught. Your recipient will experience the majesty of Bristol Bay themselves using the virtual reality goggles included in this kit to view a downloadable 360/VR experience.


  • An order code* for two filets of flash-frozen, wild Bristol Bay sockeye salmon (avg. 1.4# per filet)
  • Digital download of award-winning documentary The Wild to own forever
  • Virtual-reality goggles with a code to an 360/VR experience you can download to your phone
  • Digital Bristol Bay Salmon Cookbook featuring 20 recipes
  • $5 from every purchase goes to Defend Bristol Bay


*NOTE: An ordering code only is provided for the salmon to ensure that your recipient receives their salmon at the most convenient time and location. We don’t want all this goodness waiting on someone’s porch when they’re not there! The salmon will ship free of any charges to your recipient using the code provided when they are ready for it to arrive.

Become a part of the movement

Invest in Bristol Bay

Your purchase puts money directly into the hands of the United Tribes of Bristol Bay.

Bristol Bay is the worlds last fully intact salmon ecosystem

Bristol Bay's Indigenous Peoples are the world's last fully intact salmon culture

Wild salmon runs have been decimated everywhere

Except HEre

Half the world’s supply of Sockeye Salmon comes from Bristol Bay.

"Red Gold"

Because there is no large-scale mining or industrialization, salmon is the primary food source and economic engine of Bristol Bay's People.

The Yupik, Denaina and Alutiq People of Bristol Bay have thrived here for 4000+ years because of salmon.


A person who primarily lives on the food they grow, hunt or harvest for themselves and their extended family.

No dams. no logging. No fish-farms or hatcheries.

Just pristine ecosystems perfect for wild salmon to thrive and regenerate forever.

Commercial Fishery =

15,000 jobs and $1.5 billion to the U.S. economy annually

Sport Fishing =

>$70 million per year

"[Bristol Bay] supports over 15,000 American jobs, generates $658 million in total labor income/year, and is worth over $1.5 billion. This will continue if the headwater streams remain intact."

All of this faces ruin

Mining interests across the globe have set their sites on Bristol Bay

There's over 500 Billion dollars worth of gold, copper, and molybdenum in Bristol Bay. Directly in the headwaters of the world's last vital salmon spawning system...

and there are people who will say anything to get it

But there is no other place left for wild salmon like bristol bay

Rick Halford (R) - former President, Alaska State Senate:

"These places have been eliminated from the earth, time after time, after time. This is the last one left that's a complete ecosystem... We don't have the right to do that to future generations. We shouldn't be selling the legacy of wild salmon from this Earth to some foreign company."

It's up to us

The people of Bristol Bay have been fighting mining interests, fighting for their way of life, for decades. Join us in helping them fight.

Order Wild Salmon from Bristol Bay

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Spread the word, share the story of the Bay

Take Action

Become a part of the Bristol Bay community

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