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 Eva’s is Save spelled backwards. Saving the wild in our own hearts and on our planet is what drives our every action. We donate a minimum of 1% pre-tax of every Eva’s Wild purchase directly to people saving wild places.

 Our origin-story started with a spark of an idea to create a company that would support making more films devoted to saving wild places. I was filming my documentary, The Wild in Bristol Bay on my friend Steve Kurian’s fishing vessel - named after his 5-year old daughter, Ava Jane.
What if we could find a sustainable way to keep telling stories - while simultaneously giving back to the wild places we feature in these stories - by selling regenerative food from those wild places?
Wiser folks than myself call this a moment of clarity.

It honestly didn't come from my mind – but from the same force driving  50 million wild salmon back to make new life in Bristol Bay. It came from pure love.

 This idea grew, fed by that love, into a plan to create a community that will connect us to the wild places we love through food, stories and eventually travel. Food from the wild places we love, stories about the wild places we love and travel to the wild places we love.


Eat Wild

See Wild

Save Wild 

~ Mark Titus


Eva’s Wild

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